By HI On Nature

Who knew being healthy could taste this good! This keto drink is rich and creamy; full of healthy fats and low in sugar. Even if you’re not carb conscious, this is a delicious way to start your morning and fuel you with steady energy.

This drink is made by blending your favorite fresh brewed coffee with grass-fed butter (or your choice of high quality fat), heavy cream, ice (optional), and a few drops of Hi On Nature’s coconut tincture that is made with MCT oil. Blend with ice or serve on the rocks for a refreshing summer beverage! What you need for this recipe:10-12 oz freshly brewed coffee1 tbsp heavy cream1 tbsp grass-fed butter (or another high-quality fat)1 scoop collagen fuel10 mg (½ dropper) coconut tincture

Servings – 1 drink

How to make Delta 8 Bulletproof Coffee

Add ingredients to blender and blend on high until creamy and emulsified (at least 30 seconds)

Top with coconut tincture and enjoy!

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