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We like our Piña Coladas authentic and made to perfection. You should feel like you are sitting on a tropical island sipping it out of a freshly chopped coconut. With classic ingredients, sophisticated flavor, and topped with our Delta 8 Coconut tincture, you will be feeling as balanced and chill as this drink is!What you need for this recipe:1 ½ cup ice1 cup diced pineapple2 oz fresh pineapple juice2 oz (4 tbsp) cream of coconut2 oz sweetened condensed milk1 ½ oz rum1 cherry/pinepple slice for garnish10mg (½) dropper coconut tincture

Servings – 1 drink

How to make Delta 8 Piña Colada

Blend pineapple and ice until smooth. Add remaining ingredients, except tincture, and blend until smooth. Pour drink into a tall glass.

Top with tincture and garnish with a cherry or pineapple slice!

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