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Get ready to embark on an intergalactic journey with Hi on Nature’s Liquid Chill, the ultimate blast-off experience. This maximum strength potion is formulated with a combination of full spectrum THC-P, CBC, CBD-P, and cosmic terpenes, designed to transport you to the coolest corners of the galaxy. Prepare to lose track of your planetary origins as you indulge in this extraordinary elixir.

  • 20mg per bottle
  • 4-60 servings per 2.5oz bottle

Each shot of Liquid Chill packs the punch of 500mg of Delta 8, delivering effects that can last for over 24 hours. With its delightful grape flavor, it’s an easy-to-chug concoction, but remember to tread carefully and avoid going overboard!

Each 2.5oz bottle contains 20mg of Liquid Chill, providing approximately 4-60 servings. However, please note that THC-P is reported to be 33 times stronger than THC itself. If you’re planning a deep space exploration, it’s essential to have prior experience navigating the stars. This product is specially crafted for space cadets with high tolerances only! Be aware that the effects may extend beyond 24 hours. Start with a small amount and gradually increase to find your optimal dose.

Caution: This product is for experienced users with high tolerances. Effects may exceed 24 hours. Please consume responsibly and keep out of reach of children.

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Liquid Chill

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Based on 16 reviews
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  1. great experience i trully went ape in a good way

  2. Great experience with this shot! Took about half and it did not disappoint. Will be back for more!

  3. Great way to start the day! One bottle does a good job.

  4. Great way to kick off the day!!! Bought 3 more

  5. Super relaxing, red eyes and smiles.